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Montreal, Canada
Jazz, Pop

MARI SILD is a jazzy-pop singer, pianist and composer from Estonia living in Montreal. In addition to leading her original music band, she has collaborated with numerous world music, funk and jazz projects. 

Her playing has been described as “Silky, wavelike.... So full of Baltic good sorcery... Through her fingers she conveys something of the pastoral magic of Estonia and of its maritime energy... with the purity of the Nordic light....” – André Seleanu, art critic. 

After being one of the founding members of the band For the Adventure (EP ElePhant, 2011) Mari founded Jazzotopes in 2013 which since then, among numerous other venues, played at the Montreal House of Jazz, as well as Upstairs Jazz Bar, Theatre Rialto, legendary club Balattou and festivals (Syli D’Or, Duluth En Arts, Infringement). Mari has also played at the Rimouski Jazz Festival and Kaleido Arts Festival (Edmonton). Jazzotopes recorded their live EP “Soulscapes Live Love Recordings” in the spring of 2014. “Soulscapes” song is available in Spotify.

In 2016, Jazzotopes became Mari Sild Muusika ja Mõtted, which continues to be a dynamic formation, having numerous cosmopolitan members who appear at different shows – surprise is one of the key elements of the band. Mari Sild Muusika ja Mõtted has been featured at the Nuit Blanche à Montréal all-night art festival in 2018, 2019 and is a requested performer in Estonia, performing there twice in summer 2019. In addition to travels through the beautiful complexity of Soulscapes, environment protection is a very important theme for Mari Sild Muusika ja Mõtted, and several MSMM shows have been fundraisers with all funds going for environmental causes such as protection of elephants.



Friday, November 15, 2019

19:00-24:00 Puuluup (Estonia), Kaili Kinnon (Toronto), Mari Sild Band (Montreal) at Artscape Sandbox