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Erki Pärnoja

Tallinn, Estonia
Alternative, Indie, Instrumental, Pop

Estonian songwriter and multi instrumentalist Erki Pärnoja heads for the hills with his two solo albums “Himmelbjerget” (2015) and “Efterglow” (2017). Well known for his work as guitarist in the Estonian art-pop group “Ewert and The Two Dragons” he now reveals a diverse and more alternative side of himself as a frontman and songwriter. His latest album “Efterglow” brought him two awards at the Estonian Music Awards 2018: Indie/Alternative album of the year and Male Artist of The year. His unique Nordic touch, impressionist guitar riffs, film like soundscape and high instrumental skills of the whole band brought him the Artist Award of last years Tallinn Music Week Festival. Legendary radio DJ Kevin Cole from KEXP has commented on the album: Efterglow, is a cinematic and introspective journey that had me starring in my own movie which Ennio Morricone had scored… in my dreams! His album is really strong and would appeal globally. Ethereal grieving synthesizer sounds that blend with a distinctive cutting guitar sound, drowned in shimmering reverb - all this forms a musical genre which is best described as a cinematographic journey, a complex affair between dream-pop and groovy guitar rock from the 70s. Acoustic, synthetic and mystical.



Trippy and blessed with a light hand on the tiller, it’s great pop.
— RICHARD FOSTER, Louder than War