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Vaiko Eplik

Tallinn, Estonia
Singer Songwriter, Pop

In the course of nearly two decades of his musical career, Vaiko Eplik – a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and living legend of the current generation of Estonian pop music – has played in groups such as Claire’s Birthday, Ruffus, Koer and Mammut, Eliit, released 21 albums, produced music for many other artists and written a couple of thousand songs. 

The name of Vaiko Eplik signifies an authoritative symbol of style in the Estonian pop music landscape. Self-conscious, shrewd, sensitive, critical, poetic – his music has already inspired several generations of singers and listeners, having come to embody the distinctive sound pattern of a certain era in Estonian popular music. Melomaniacs tend to be addicted to the music of this widely acclaimed artist, often called a genius.


Sunday, November 17, 2019

16:00-19:00 Wrap it up! EMW Closing Party at Tartu College

Special concert by Vaiko Eplik (Estonia) with additional performances by Tiina Kiik and others. Opening of Laani Heinar's exhibit of her works for the EMW/L44 2019 social media campaign. Thanking of the L44/EMW volunteers. Cash bar and food.