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EnsemBLE U

Tallinn, Estonia
Contemporary Music Ensemble

Scott L. Miller (USA) “RABA”  (2015, VR version 2017)

VR version, performed by ensemble U.

Ensemble U: (2003) is currently the most active and renowned contemporary music ensemble in Estonia. The ensemble has gained recognition for its ability to perform even the most demanding works without conductor, openness for bold experimental ideas and sensitivity for sound. Next to Estonia U: has performed in important international festivals like Time of Music (Viitasaari, Finland), GAIDA (Vilnius, Lithuania), Sounds New (Canterbury, UK), Nordic Music Days (Helsinki, Finland), Nuova Consonanza (Rome, Italy), Third Practice (Richmond, USA), Biennale di Musica Venezia (Italy), Virtuosi of XXI Century (Recife, Brasil), Dark Music Days (Iceland), Musica Nova (Helsinki, Finland) etc.

|In the field of musical theatre U: has worked with one of the internationally most renowned conceptual dance choreographer and director in Estonia - Mart Kangro, on several occasions. Performances ’Play’ (2006), ’Romeo & Juliet’ (2008) and ’Harmony’ (2009) and “In the Dark” (2019) have stemmed from this collaboration.

Raba (which means “bog” in Estonian) is an immersive audio-visual concert piece inspired by the Marimetsa Raba, located about an hour drive from Tallinn. Raba is experienced by the audience seated in chairs while wearing VR headsets. Audience members visually explore a 360º film while Ensemble U: performs the synchronized music. The ensemble and speakers (for the electronic sound in the music) physically surround the audience, unifying the audience experience with a live, immersive audio performance while each audience member has a unique, individual immersive visual experience.

Miller says, “I am really interested in producing collective audience experiences through live performance. What is exciting to me about Raba is that the audience is immersed in the sonic reality of the space, surrounded by the performers and electronic sound, while they are visually immersed in the unique beauty of the Marimetsa Raba.”

Scott Miller (b. 1966) is a composer of electroacoustic, orchestral, chamber, choral and multimedia works described as ‘high adventure avant garde music of the best sort’ (Classical-Modern Music Review) and 'inspir[ing] real hope & optimism for the future of electroacoustic music.' (  Scott lives and works in USA.

Rein Zobel is a virtual reality specialist and has been involved with the VR field since 2013. Rein has more than 7 years of experience in video design, directing and editing. Rein understands the video and image language and can maximise the effectiveness of VR technology. Rein has graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School and completed his studies in Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and Finland.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

17:00-18:30 L44/EMW: Ensemble U: (Estonia) concert and VR program (WE: Global Learning Centre)

19:00-2:00 L44 afterparty/EMW launch party at Archeo in the Distillery District. Youth tickets for 18-30-year-olds with ID.


It’s folk, it’s contemporary, it’s funny, and it’s danceable. It’s a perfect launching pad for the weekend.
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