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Avarus Ensemble

Tallinn, Estonia
Classical, Jazz

Avarus Ensemble is a completely new sound on the Estonian music scene. Bringing together musicians from both the classical and jazz background it organically bridges the gap of composed vs improvised and maps new territories in both sonic and conceptual sense. Avarus Ensemble has so far been performing the music of the composer and double bass player Mingo Rajandi, but some new works by others have been commissioned for 2018.

Mari-Liis Vihermäe – flutes
Meelis Vind – clarinettes
Kadri Voorand – vocals, effects, various small instruments
Marek Talts – electric guitar
Kirke Karja – piano and keyboards
Heigo Rosin – marimba, vibraphone and other percussion
Egert Leinsaar – violin
Villu Vihermäe – cello
Mingo Rajandi – double bass
Haar Tammik – sound engineering

Mingo Rajandi

Mingo Rajandi is a composer and a double bass player. She has composed music for several ensembles such as Avarus Ensemble, Avarus Trio, Heliotroop and Verbarium. Mingo graduated from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with BA in jazz double bass and MA in composition. Her musical language is influenced by contemporary academic and jazz music, progressive rock and many different world music cultures.



The concert of Avarus Ensemble proved to be a jackpot.
— Finnish music media Rumba