Organization Description

The Estonian Studies Centre/Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU), located at Tartu College, Toronto, connects Canadian and Estonian communities through various diverse cultural programming in English and Estonian. Events include lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, theatre, concerts, and more. ESC/VEMU is a member of the Bloor St. Culture Corridor, which unites cultural institutions in the heart of Toronto. VEMU houses the largest collection of archives and libraries of Estonians abroad located outside of Estonia.

VEMU has a number of ongoing projects associated with Estonia's 100th birthday that we already began working on a few years ago. Estonian Music Week is one of the ideas that occurred. The success of the local Estonian documentary film festival EstDocs has been captivating. The popularity of film keeps growing – we are living in era of increasing audio visual media. The art of film breaks all borders between countries and languages.

The language of music is even more universal than that of film. Estonians have been blessed with incredible musical talents, who more and more often are reaching the international arena. For many years Canadian-Estonians have not only worked on promoting their own music culture, but have also helped Estonian musicians introduce their music in Canada. In the last year few VEMU's cultural program has also participated in this process. In celebration of the Republic of Estonia's 100th birthday, it was possible to apply for funding for a number of cultural events and thus, it felt like the right time to think about planning a larger music festival.


Job Description

Estonian Music Week is looking for volunteers! From November 14 - 17, Estonian Music Week and Latitude44 will take place in Toronto.

We will primarily need help at the door before concerts to check tickets and lists of those picking up tickets at the door. Additionally, we will need volunteers for CD and merchandise sales at the concert venues, as well as strong individuals who are able to assist with concert set up, take down, and move equipment.



Volunteer Positions

Stay tuned for news on how to become a volunteer for EMW/L44 2019!


How to Apply:

Stay tuned for 2019 news.


Contact Info:

Piret Noorhani, Festival Director
416 925 9405