EMW Team Member Profile: Anne Remmel


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Anne Remmel

Anne Remmel,
Event Handbook Editor

How long have you volunteered for EMW?

I have volunteered for over two years.

What is your “day job”? 

My career has been in corporate leadership development with large organizations and consulting organizations. I have worked with IBM, BMO, Pitney Bowes and in government. In the last three years I have realized my dream to be a full-time artist.

What is your background?

My academic background includes a PhD. (University of Toronto) Education policy and theory, M.Ed. and BSc. I was born and educated in Toronto and have always participated in the Estonian community. Estonian School, Aino Waldin piano studio, Toronto Estonian Baptist Church choir, Kalev Estienne gymnastics and Õõbik choir.

For 10 years, I chaired the Estonian House Art Committee and organized art shows and workshops as well as several group shows at Tartu College. I am an active member of korp! Amicitia and its past president.

What are you doing for EMW?

My role in EMW is to manage the print production/editing of the conference/ event handbook. In addition, I have recruited sponsors and conducted some fund-raising.

What excites you about your work with EMW?

I am thrilled to support musicians and visual artists in any way I can. EMW has given me an opportunity to introduce Estonian artists to a Canadian audience and to introduce young Canadian/Estonian artists, such as Kailli Kinnon to both a wider Canadian audience and to Estonia.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a painter and love to work in my studio. My leadership involvement in the arts includes being on the board of directors of Nielson Park Creative Centre and, of course, Tartu College’s Culture Committee. Travel has always been a big part of my life. When home, I enjoy a wide range of music and gardening.

For more information, please go to:

Web: estonianmusicweek.ca
Twitter: @latitude44TO @EstoMusicWeek
Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram: Latitude44TO, estonianmusicweek

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