Special Events During EMW


On Friday, May 25, 12-2:30pm at Tartu College, EMW will be hosting a seminar for music industry professionals titled "EE Meets CA - Building Bridges in Music." The seminar will offer opportunities to exchange information and create new contacts for professional musicians and music promoters, as well as for those with strong interests in music. By bringing together Canadian and Estonian music sector representatives, we hope to cultivate more ties and secure a foundation for future collaborations. The seminar will feature special guest Kerli, the hugely followed Estonian musician and public figure who has greatly impacted the Estonian pop music scene.

By invitation only.


On Monday, May 28, 12:30-1:30pm at Tartu College, EMW welcomes the stunning and award-winning Estonian jazz musician, Kadri Voorand, who will teach a jazz singing workshop. Having studied jazz at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, she continues as one of the youngest teachers on the faculty of the Jazz Department of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The workshop will focus on:

*creating original ideas
*voice as a physical movement
*lyrics used as a tool to work with original sound

For those interested, please contact Piret Noorhani at piret.noorhani@vemu.ca



In addition to the seminar and the workshop, EMW is happy to announce that two exhibits featuring Arvo Pärt will be on display during the festival as well as throughout the summer at Tartu College.

The photo exhibit On Pärt by Tõnu Tormis will be opened on May 25 at 12pm at Tartu College before the seminar "EE Meets CA - Building Bridges in Music." The exhibit will be on display until September 2018.

The exhibit Arvo Pärt - Renowned and Unknown by the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum will be opened before the Vox Clamantis and Maarja Nuut & HH concert on May 26 at 7pm at Koerner Hall (concert begins at 8pm). The exhibit will be moved to Tartu College on May 28 and will be available to view until September 2018.

Jaan Kittask